September 30, 2008


Every baby has lots of firsts. First smile. First laugh. First step. First word.

Well, last week, Lottie had her first car accident. Yup, we got rear-ended. I was taking Lottie in to her Grandma Molen's house for the day, and a very nice lady that was stopped behind us decided to go before the light turned green. She blamed it on the sun glaring in her eyes. I think it had more to do with the cell phone in front of her face that she was obviously texting on.

Anyway, the car just has a little scratch. Lottie and I are just fine. But, it did require us to buy a new car seat. The cool thing is we got the kind that converts to a front-facing car seat, and then a booster. The Evenflo Symphony, which has a cool new SURElatch system that is so easy to install and practically impossible to mess up. Well, I struggled with my mom and my old neighbor trying to get it in my car on Friday night. I was so upset that it wouldn't even reach the hooks in my car! I was ready to take it back to Babies 'r Us and get all upset at the guy for telling me it was the best car seat, when I couldn't even get it in my car! I went home and did a little more research online to read other people's reviews of the seat. Turns out, I had the straps in the front-facing position, and needed to switch it to the rear-facing. So great! It's made so you can't install it incorrectly, try as hard as you might. We will never need another seat for Lottie.

The best part was that after the accident, Lottie screamed for all of about 1 minute. Then she was happy and smiling. She calmed down so fast. It sure took me a lot longer to calm down. I was just so concerned about her. But the paramedics came and said she seemed fine. I took her in to her doctor, and she came through unscathed. Hooray for resilient babies. She giggled with the paramedic and everything. She is such a great little girl.

September 4, 2008