November 22, 2009


It's time for our annual holiday boutique. For the last several years my sister and cousin and I have had a holiday boutique. While my cousin is unable to be there this year, and Steph no longer sells Pampered Chef (she will be hosting a catalog party for the boutique), we have been able to add Kate's photography, Mom and Barry (the brother, not the father)'s yummy baked goods - think delicious caramels...- and a friend's cute little girl fun stuff!

I'm really excited about it this year. In years past, I've been set up to sell Mary Kay at the boutique. While I will still have that available, this year I will be selling my new handbags and accessories. I've just started making bags, wallets, and accessories to sell online. It's my new business - The Busy Bean. Visit my new website to see what I'm making! Okay, right now there's really only one post there with the first bag I designed and made, but I'm working on finishing a few other styles and getting those pictures up as well. I've also finished a necklace and bracelet - with more to come.

While these will all be available at the boutique, I'll soon open up an etsy shop to sell them as well. The goal is for me to do this and teach piano, and be able to stay home with our girls. Being home for six weeks when Kelsey was born really made me realize how important that is. While it's great that they are always with family while I'm at work, I think it's still important for me to be with them more. And if I'm home, then Brad will get to spend more time with us all as well.

So, wish me luck, and tell all your friends about me - because all women need more handbags, right? And who wouldn't want a unique bag, instead of the same old store-bought, mass-produced bags everyone else carries? Come see the debut on December 5th!