July 10, 2009

Quick Learner

Monday night we were all sitting around at the Johnson house when Gramma Glo called out for us to make sure the girls were contained so she could open the oven and check on dinner. It's dangerous to cook around little Ainsleigh and Lottie. They both love to "help" when we open the dishwasher, I'm sure they'd love to climb right in the oven and "help" there too.

Uncle Patrick asked, "Do they know what hot is?" Well, Monday night we could say, "Not yet."

Lottie must have taken that as a personal challenge to learn as quickly as possible what hot is, because this was her hand on Tuesday.

The other hand doesn't look much better.

She was playing outside at Aunt Colleen's house with Ainsleigh, getting ready to go swimming, and crawled over a hot piece of metal on the ramp up to the front door. The poor girl screamed for two hours straight. Gramma Glo was beside herself with concern that she didn't watch her close enough. I said "meh..." Really, it could have happened when we were there all day on the 4th of July and they were crawling around the same spot. Although it was fun to text the picture to Aunt Stephanie with the caption "Grandma taught me what hot is."

The nurse said that she would be in a lot of pain for 2-3 days. You would never know that with how happy and playful she was that night. The only time she screams at us is when we change the bandages. I'm sure it is not fun to have your hands all bandaged up so you can't bend your fingers all the way when they're barely big enough to grab your favorite toys as it is!