April 19, 2010

A Few Things About Lottie

She is just beautiful. Really, everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful she is. She's got that perfect hair that is naturally highlighted, changing from red to blond depending on how the light hits it. Vivid blue eyes. And a smile that can light up a room.

She likes cheese. Every time we open the fridge, she runs over and asks for a cheese. It's adorable.

And she loves {Vegas}. Not the city so much as the bear. I'd say 90% of the time you see her, it is like this, Vegas hanging from her hand, or tucked under an arm. When she's cuddling Vegas and you give her kisses, you have to give Vegas kisses too. In fact, he's been kissed and cuddled so much that he no longer has a nose or mouth, the threads broke from so much love.

Aunt Stephanie brought him back from a trip she took to Las Vegas, and he's been Lottie's favorite ever since she could pick a favorite. She has others she likes - {Tiger} that Uncle Lane gave her, and {Princess} from Aunt Dayna - but nobody can replace Vegas.

This is an unfortunate fact, as Vegas is missing at the moment. Yup... we had him last night, but nobody's seen him at all today. He magically disappeared between bedtime last night and this morning. We have searched our house, Grandma's searching hers (in the morning), and the van has been thoroughly searched as well. I have no idea where he could have gone. Let's just say that I hope we can find him soon. It's more than an hour past bedtime, but she's still not asleep, missing her Vegas. {And let's be honest here... I kind of miss him too... she doesn't cuddle anyone quite as adorably as she cuddles him.}

A few notes:

1. Kate took these awesome pictures while we were doing Kelsey's six month photo shoot. Doesn't she take great pics?

2. Lottie has a nice leather chair that is all her own. My furniture is stained microfiber... how is it that kids have nicer stuff than their parents?

3. We just found out tonight that the bear Aunt Dayna gave her is named Princess. He usually sits on the shelf above her play kitchen, but when we tried to pacify her with him, she did at least hug him and call him Princess. So maybe I should stop referring to Princess as "him" since this bear is obviously a girl.

4. Recently, I've been using brackets {inappropriately}. I just think they're cute. And I'm a firm believer that you can't break the rules until you know how to follow them. And since I know how to follow the grammar rules, I feel I can break them if I want to. (Just don't let it get out with the people I work with... they'd lose all respect for me.)

April 7, 2010


We had a great Easter with our girls. It was so much fun to decorate eggs with Lottie. She put the eggs on the spoon for me to dip into the dye, and was so patient as she waited for them to come out colored.

I'm waiting for pics of that from my sister Kate, but I do have a few others that Kate took that day to share here. We had a fun little photo shoot with Lottie, Kelsey, Ainsleigh and Liam.

We also did a photo shoot for Kelsey's six month pictures. I will post those as soon as I have them.

April 1, 2010

I love a sense of humor

Why can't everyone have as good a sense of humor as Google? Really, if one of the top companies out there can play a good April Fool's Day joke, I should work harder to get in on the action.

{Brad, consider this your fair warning!}