October 21, 2008


On Sunday night, my family had our Family Hair Evening. Since my mom is going to lose all of her hair with the chemo, she didn't want to wait for it to all fall out in clumps while laying in her hospital bed. Since she was shaving her head, we all decided to support her by shaving ours too! Here are some of the pictures of the night. My sister-in-law Katie was taking pictures of the whole thing, and took over 300 that night.

Here's the whole family before:

Mom was first. We all took a swipe at her with cutters at one point. But Dad's first cut was a little sad for her:

She cheered up a lot once Steph and I spiked her hair into a purple mohawk. She's all punk now!

Dad let mom shave off the middle of his moustache. Then we gave him a little pony tail on top and shaved the rest.

Everett shaved spikes all over his head. He tried to do lightning bolts in his beard, but that didn't work.

Stephanie did what she likes to call "the Joe Biden" but it really turned out more like a monk:

Barry was going for the Captain Picard look, but he was not nearly as good looking. In fact, right after this picture was taken, Ainsleigh just cried. I guess she doesn't like her daddy bald:

Stephanie wanted to do a Cyndi Lauper look on me, but it was getting late and dark, so we didn't have time for the waffle cut:

Although, when we finished the job she did give me a little splotchy Brittney Spears look going on:

And finally, Patrick already had such short hair - so I shaved the words "Cancer Sucks" into his head:

My sister's best friend has been around our family so much that she's practically family herself. She has long enough hair that she is going to cut it off and donate to locks of love. Her husband Hutch joined us in the shaving party on Sunday:

And here's the family after. I may be a little biased, but I think that we're kind of an attractive group of bald people:

Poor Brad was really concerned about how bad I'd look with a shaved head. Luckily for him, it's not so bad. In fact, I told him that I liked it so much I'm going to keep it this way. His response was "No you're not." But I really am glad of his support of me and my family.


Melanie said...

LOL! You have a new unique thing when people ask what's interesting about you. "I once was bald." :)

The "No, you're not" comment from Brad cracks me up.

I hope you have a few warm hats! :)

Matt said...

What a memorable FHE - love to see how you united you are as a family!

Also, bald chicks are hot. You know it. Brad knows it. It's fact.

Jackie said...

What a unique FHE! And what an awesome family. You look cool, and I bet your mom is so grateful for all of you.

Best of luck with the treatments---and with the hair growing! :)

PrettyKristyn said...

Fathead, you amaze me!

Em said...

That's awesome. You guys look hot.

Shauna said...

That is way awesome. I'd really like to rub your bald head now.

Brad Molen said...

She's not completely bald, because her head is still rather prickly. So technically she still has some hair. But let's not let that overshadow the symbolic nature of the head-shaving.

And for the record, I did get a trim that night; just opted not to go for full shave. I still lost more hair than some of the other guys (I let it grow out a lot this time).

The Harwood Family said...

Fathead! You really don't have a fathead... We can see that now! You guys are amazing. It's wonderful to see how supportive your family is, and I'm glad you had fun doing it. I love you and I'm keeping your family in my prayers.

mlm said...

impressive unity. :)