January 2, 2009

Between Boise and Bliss

I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog posts, but I thought I would start our holiday recap with this:

Lottie is generally such a happy baby. She spends much more time laughing and playing than she does crying. And she has slept through the night since she was a month old. So of course, when we went to Washington to spend Christmas with Brad's family, she was up throughout the night crying. She didn't smile and laugh like she usually does. I'm sure the family who doesn't get to see her much thought that we all lied about her personality.

It reminded me of when Melanie and Jeremy came to visit Utah last year. They spent a day skiing with Brad and Lane. I couldn't ski because I was pregnant (well... that and I can't ski). So I watched their 5 kids that day. They told me that Brielle, the baby, was so good-natured; that she was just a happy little baby. Of course, she spent the whole day crying and didn't take a nap at all. Turns out she was teething and having a bad day.

Well, as we were driving home from Washington (which is a story for another post) Lottie was being generally good. She was laughing and smiling or sleeping. Until we got back in the car after eating lunch in Boise. Then she cried and screamed pretty straight until we reached Bliss, Idaho. Then suddenly she started laughing and playing again. It was crazy how quickly her mood changed. I grabbed the camera and snapped some pictures. It was then that I saw this:

Look close on the bottom of her smile there - you'll see Lottie's first tooth. I guess one tooth makes a big difference in attitude. The difference between being in Boise and Bliss!


StillHiking said...

She was sooo good on such a long trip. Ten hours in the car. Of course, she is soooo cute too. I am proud to be one of her grandpa's. Did I mention how cute she is? I'm glad you got a pic of that 'blissful' event.

Grandpa Molen

Kate Johnson Photography said...

Too Cute!! Lottie looks so adorable in that picture!!

BeatlesDiva said...

So so cute!

The Harwood Family said...

Cute post fathead, and congrats on making it through the first tooth!