April 27, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

For two years, our yard has been dirt. And not so much plain dirt, but clay, since our soil where we live is crap. Finally, this year we have finally been able to put in our yard. Last fall and for the past few weekends, my family has been working really hard with us to finish the sprinkler system. It was finished on the 18th, which means this last Saturday we were finally able to make it look like someone lives in our house.

Here's Brad and my neighbor Amy (who is almost as excited for our grass as we are) getting the soil ready to lay the sod.

Patrick was a real workhorse Saturday, planting trees and lugging a lot of sod.

We had a few neighbors come help, and Lane and Everett to lay the sod. They finished up the last few pieces just as the pouring rain started.

I'll have to take some good pictures, now that the whole thing is done, but it was raining way too hard the rest of the weekend to get good shots. We still have to plant one more tree in the back, spread the seed back there, and put in the flower bed, but then our yard will be all done; ready for a summer of BBQ and fun. We've got a Little Tykes swing set for Lottie to play on and everything. I can hardly wait to be able to fully enjoy the perks of home ownership that include our own place to play outside!


PrettyKristyn said...

Hooray! A beautiful lawn! I'm excited for you, Fathead!

Camron said...

That is awesome. Simply awesome. Congratulations, I'm sure it was a lot of work. PS sorry about the spazy texting earlier... today was crazy. Can't wait to see you for May's GN in PC!!

StillHiking said...

Wow, way to go. I can't wait until sunday.

Kate Johnson Photography said...

Yaay! I can't wait to see it on sunday!!!

The Harwood Family said...

Yay for grass! I love it. How did you get Brad to do it? I'm still working on convincing Steve that we need more than weeds in our backyard.