September 10, 2009

Seriously, so proud

Last year, just before Lottie was born, Brad walked in the graduation ceremony at BYU. He wasn't officially a graduate, because he still had his 200 hour internship to complete, but he walked, planning on completing his internship over the summer and having his diploma mailed.

Well, ask anyone who's done it, but an internship while working full-time to support a family is no easy task.

It's already taken him longer to complete his classes than usual because he had to work full-time. He's put so much effort into taking care of me and Lottie that his own personal interests have been put second. There are so many things that he wants to accomplish, but there just seems to be no time.

His work schedule isn't the easiest. And when he's home, he seems to spend all of his time on his own "honey-do" list. I've never had to make one for him, he just gets things done. Of course, top on the list is spending all the time he can with Lottie. I swear, if it wasn't for him that girl wouldn't be as smart as she is. She loves to play and walk and go up and down the stairs, and he is the one who never fails to have the energy to do it with her - even after a full day of work standing for eight hours straight.

Add to all of that the internship. This summer (only a year after planned...) he finally finished his internship with Select Health. Part of that was to complete a journal of activities. So many people (myself included) would probably have just done the hours, whipped something together to get just a passing grade, and submitted it. But Brad put a lot of time into actually turning in a journal he could be proud of. Enough to get an "A."

And yesterday, his diploma was mailed. He is officially a college graduate. Sure, he may have picked the wrong University to attend (Go Utes!) but he did it. He didn't let anything stop him, and that makes me so proud of him.

I was talking to my mom one day, and she shared with me what she worries about with her children. Each of us has different struggles. One thing she said was that she didn't worry about my family financially because she was sure that Brad would do whatever it took to make sure that we were cared for. I don't doubt that either.

I'm so glad that he has the drive to finish what he starts. He truly can teach our children by example. I don't ever have to worry that they'll do something they see their daddy do, because I would be proud to have my children do exactly what their daddy does.

And so fitting that he finished classes and walked right before his first child was born, and actually has the diploma now just before child #2. So really, we could just pretend these pictures were taken now... since we both still look the same!

*Disclaimer - I just couldn't resist one stab at BYU... But while we all know that the U of U is a much better school, I am still quite excited that BYU beat Oklahoma. I even cheered for them and explained to my sister why it was so exciting that they won that game.


Matt said...

Congrats to Brad for two great accomplishments:

1) Getting that all-important piece of paper.


2) Seeing his wife make an almost pro-BYU comment.

Truly remarkable achievements!

Melanie said...

What a sweet tribute to your hubby! Congrats to Brad!! I enjoyed visiting with you in Utah. I wish I could be there to hold your new sweet baby when she comes. :)

Shauna said...


Also... could you please post some new pics of Lottie? I haven't seen you guys in FOR-EV-ER.

PrettyKristyn said...

Hooray!!! That's all I can say; I'm so happy for you guys!

Lane said...

We're agreed then. Brad is cool.

The Harwood Family said...

Yay! Congratulations B-Rad! You now have a peice of paper that says you are smart... Which we all knew all along! Good for you! P.S. Fathead, I love you!

Heidi said...

Who knew? Colleen has a blog. How long have you been silent stalking me???

Congrats to your hubby - that's awesome!

Camron said...

That is so cool! Way to go Brad!!


Go Utes!
(couldn't resist)