February 15, 2010

I Lost

And losing was never so much fun!

We had a great Valentine's Day around here. We've sort of got an arrangement: Brad plans our Valentine's activity, I plan our anniversary. I've got a lot to live up to in June.

This is what I got Brad:
Yup. Some movies (let's face it, I don't even know if he wanted them... but I did, and I knew he would enjoy them) and fabric. You read right - fabric. He needs new pajama pants, and I thought it would be more thoughtful if I made them, but I didn't even get around to getting them done before the big day.

This is what he got me:

He dropped me off Saturday afternoon at a Day Spa for a pedicure, manicure, one-hour massage and makeup treatment.

While I was relaxing at the spa, he relaxed with these:

(Lottie takes after Grandma Molen... she loves to play the piano!)

He picked me up from the spa and we went here for dinner.

During dinner he let it slip that he had only thought of the spa the day before. I knew that he hadn't forgotten to get me a present because he had been planning this for so long, so I had a sudden "a-ha" moment when I realized that the spa hadn't been my only present! Sure enough he pulls this out of his coat.

(except of course, my charms say "L" & "K")

I have been seriously wanting some of Lisa Leonard's jewelry for a while now. She has some awesome stuff. I follow her blog and feel like I know her amazing little family. I don't know how Brad knew the perfect gift to get me! (Unless, of course, it was the e-mail I sent him one night as we were both sitting next to each other surfing the web on our iPhones.)

We followed it up with a movie. It was a real date night out - which we don't have very often. Not often enough.

So that night, Stephanie said to me, "You totally lose. Look what he got you, and you got him that?" So yes, I lose. But in losing, I totally won.


Matt said...

Nice job little bro. (Now just hoping Alisha doesn't read this one...)

BeatlesDiva said...

I realize how long it's been since I saw you last. Lottie is a beautiful little girl and no longer a baby. It's been too long. I'll have to come and see you and your wonderful family one day.


What an awesome day/date!! You sure deserve it. Kudos to Brad!