May 11, 2010


Once upon a time, my sister went on a trip. Far away. Like, halfway around the world.

I was jealous. I still am. Mostly. She's had some flight issues. She didn't get to Barcelona until a day after she was scheduled, since her flight out of Salt Lake was delayed by snow and she missed the connection in Atlanta.

She should have been home yesterday, but her flight out of Barcelona was canceled due to the no-fly zone in Portugal because of the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano. She was re-routed through Paris and was supposed to be home about 30 minutes from now. So I thought I would get online and just check to see if she really would be.

Looks like her flight was delayed a few hours and she'll now be home in 2 1/2 hours. But at least it's in the air and back over North America. Know how I know?

How cool is that? Not only does it give you the expected time of arrival, but you can actually see the progress of the flight! Ah, web stalking. What did we ever do without it?

P.S. Notice how they couldn't fly through Portugal, but they can fly directly over the volcano producing the ash? Mother Nature is one freaky lady!



I found the same cool thing when tracking Preston's flights when he was going to all of his interviews. Not as cool as tracking around the world where I was just tracking from state to state but I also thought it was super cool! The things we get excited about lol

Steph said...

This is more fun for me to look at than you I bet. I looked out at one point and saw a lake of ice and then the coast, so I think that was in Canada somewhere. Thanks for tracking me and I am SOOO glad to be home!