July 22, 2010

Feel so Trendy

Do you ever come across something you love, and then wish you didn't because it's just so trendy? I didn't even know how trendy until after I was in love though.

I have been listening to my Glee Cast Radio on Pandora (I know... more and more trend) and heard this song "New Soul." I really dig it.

So at my girl's night last week I asked my friends if they had heard it. Kristyn had bought the whole album on iTunes already. Kalee had to listen, but then said "Oh, I know this song... from the commercial!"

Right there, I thought, dang! Sometimes I just don't like to jump on bandwagons. Kristyn said the rest of the album wasn't as good, and I shouldn't waste my time. I had to check it out for myself, just to be sure. I listened to previews, and hurried over to buy the whole album myself. Sorry Kristyn, I love the whole thing.

"Paris" intrigues me. In fact, since I bought it yesterday, I've listened to that more than "New Soul." Yael Nain (the singer, and the album title) sings several songs in Hebrew (her native tongue) and they are haunting and beautiful - even though I have no idea what they're about.

Anyway, I highly recommend this album if you're into this kind of thing. The musical style kind of reminds me of Poe's "Haunted," which I also love.

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Kristyn said...

I'm glad you didn't take my word for it and found something you love! I think I was expecting more of the same sound and was disappointed when I didn't find it.