May 21, 2013

I thought it was time to kick this blog into gear again, since we have a lot of changes happening right now and some people will want to keep an eye on our life.

Sometime in the next few months we will be moving from Utah to California. It's a great adventure, and where we feel our family needs to be right now. I'm excited and nervous, scared and insanely happy. And sad to be leaving so many great people I see all the time here in Utah.

I might play a little catch up, I might not, just to keep you all (all five of you) on your toes. For now, I'll leave you with a few pictures Kate took of us so we remember our first home in Eagle Mountain.

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BeatlesDiva said...

It's going to weird thinking of you guys in California, but I'm sure this is for the best. Good luck with the move. Next time I'm in California, you'll have to be my tour guide :-)

Loves and Hugs
~ Nic