March 9, 2010

Dear US Census Bureau,

I understand your desire to have every person in the country counted. I understand the reasoning behind this desire. I even understand the lame radio commercials I've been hearing to inform people the census is happening, and to make sure we are aware our form coming in the mail is legit. I fully intend to fill my census form out completely and return it to you.

I do not understand the need to mail a letter to me telling me you will be mailing my census form to me. Really? It says to watch for my form in the mail. Do you think that letter is going to reach people who aren't checking their mail? Really!?!

Is there any purpose in this letter other than wasting money? Maybe your purpose is wasting time. Or killing trees. So, I guess maybe there is more purpose than just wasting money. I take it all back US Census Bureau. Maybe you know what you're doing.

Then again, I know some of your employees... so maybe you don't.

A Resident of Eagle Mountain
( I just thought I should tell you where I live, because my letter came addressed to the resident at my street address, my zip code, city of Lehi. I don't live in Lehi.)


Candice J said...

We got the same letter and wondered the same thing.

Heidi said...

My thoughts exactly! I giggled a little when I opened it! Kind of like calling someone and saying, "I'm going to call you next week, K?"

grandma glo said...

At least I am not alone in my thoughts

Emilie said...

LOL oh how you delight me


I thought it was pretty unnecessary also.

Jason Randall said...

It's a nice way for them to say "Dont throw away your form next week" for those people who do.

And they're not going to send out another one unless you call an 800 number.

Plllth. (That's my tongue wagging)

Jason Randall said...

PS I'd rather claim I live in Lehi :)