March 6, 2010


Kelsey is having a rough time right now. RSV with ear infections in both ears makes for an unhappy baby. She has been getting a lot of my attention right now. Sewing is getting no attention. Lottie is still getting some, but not as much as she should be.

Instead, I'm sorry to say, I've resorted to the electronic babysitter all too frequently this week.

Her new favorite - even more requested than Yo Gabba Gabba - is Trucks.

Or, as everyone else knows it:

She especially loves Mater. And I'll admit - he's kind of my favorite too.


Jackie said...

Sometimes it is just so easy to throw a show in. My kids watch "Up" every other day at least. And they know how to put it in themselves. I do my sewing in the same room...that's family time, right?

Emilie said...

I'm glad cars has been there for you. Our girls just discovered it, and I have to admit, it's been a nice break from the princess obsession.

I'm so sorry Kelsey is having such a rough time. =( I hope she starts feeling better soon.