May 3, 2010

Lottie's Nemo Party

Lottie turns two this week. It's crazy that she is that old... sometimes she seems much older!

We had her birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house on Saturday. We're still at the stage where we really just have family at the party, but I think next year she'll get a party with her little friends - since they'll probably be old enough to understand and maybe care by then ; )

Warning... picture overload coming up.

I barely finished her birthday outfit, since my sewing machine jammed up while I was halfway through quilting her new quilt. Good thing she's not old enough to realize she didn't get it on her birthday! I borrowed my mom's machine and finished the pants late Friday night. Which means I didn't get to try them on her, and they are too long. But that's okay, she's still cute.

She liked twirling her shirt. And she even left the flower in her hair for the whole party. Hanging out with Ainsleigh is really turning her into a princess.

Daddy helped her open her presents. She was really spoiled by everyone. Grandma and Grandpa Molen made her a picture book with all of her Aunts and Uncles and cousins on the Molen side of the family. That will make it much easier to teach her who her family is that she doesn't get to see all the time.

Aunt Stephanie couldn't be at the party even though it was at her house, something about being on a Mediterranean cruise or something, but she made sure that Lottie had a new bike to match Ainsleigh's so they can ride around together.

And Liam's just so upset that he doesn't have a big kid bike to ride.

Or maybe he's upset because his pants kept falling down so we put him in suspenders to match Grandpa.

Then we had the pinata. One of my neighbors made this for the party. Since Lottie is our little Cinco de Mayo baby, we've had a pinata for her birthday party. I think that will last as long as she likes it... not sure how we'll work it in when she wants a princess party though.

And don't let their innocent faces fool you. They may look sweet, but they had great fun yelling "Hit Nemo!" and "I hit Nemo's face!"

Come to think of it, maybe pinatas don't teach the best lessons... Then we moved on to the cake. My Neighbor (notice the capitalization of Neighbor, that is not a typo - we don't actually live by each other any more, but she'll always be Neighbor to me - and she's awesome) made this amazing Nemo cake. And she always says she's not domestic.

Lottie sort of blew out the candles. Mommy had to help.

I made Nemo and bubble cookies to go with the cake and ice cream. I mean, really, what's a kid's birthday party without loading them up on sugar and sending them home with their parents?

I just miscalculated the "sending them home with their parents" part since all the kids were hanging out for the rest of the day at my parent's house. Oops. Well, at least they sat with their balloons watching a movie for a little while.

It was a great birthday party.


Johnson Family said...

I'm glad that one member of our family was there! Happy Birthday Lottie!

Melanie said...

How fun!! That outfit you made is amazing! And so is the cake! Lottie looked beautiful too. Happy Birthday sweet Lottie!

StillHiking said...

Lottie was SO cute in her outfit and watching her ride her hot wheels around made me realize she is growing up pretty fast. Is a real car just around the corner? Anyway, cute birthday girl (Happy Birthday today Lottie) and a nice party.


I love that cute little girl of yours! Happy Birthday to Lottie!

Steph said...

This party looks off the hook! Sad I missed it, but something about a Mediterranean cruise or something...

Lane said...

this party ruled. Can't wait for Lottie-pallooza '11

The Parker Family said...

What cute pictures! She is getting so big!

stevenjared0853 said...

Nice to see all the cute kids having so much fun. The nemo cake was awesome. I am also organizing a party for my daughter’s birthday this weekend. We will be having a lot of guests as our family is quite big. So we have booked a spacious party hall at the venue NYC nearby.