October 12, 2010


We brought Lottie to Disneyland this week. On Friday, the day before we left to drive down here, we decided to leave Kelsey with the Aunts for the week. She will spend the weekends with Stephanie and the week with Aunt Colleen & Aunt Della.

We have one more day here before moving on down to San Diego. Here are a few pictures... I promised to show Aunt Stephanie how much fun we're having. I will post more later.

They have it all decked out for Halloween. Lots of pumpkins.

Lottie got cozy on Pluto's bed at Mickey's house.

She was a little scared of getting too close to Mickey. She shook his hand and was excited to see him, just didn't want to hug him.

She did better when we saw him out in costume today. She actually hugged him and kissed his nose.

Mama Bo (that's what Lottie has started calling my mom) wasn't afraid to give him a hug and smooch though!

Lottie did run right up to Princess Tiana. We had to hold her back to wait her turn.

We are having a great time, in spite of the fact that Mama Bo passed out while waiting for the fairies. Way too long standing in one place in the hot sun. She's just fine though. At least it got us special seating when we went to see World of Color. See... there's a bright spot in everything!


Steph said...

All I can think after seeing this is: "No wonder Mom passed out, she does not know where Mickey's cheek has been." Yick! Cute pics though. Have fun!

BeatlesDiva said...

Looks like you have a lot of fun!