July 25, 2008

I did not escape

Alas, unlike my sister, I did not escape geekdom from growing up with my brothers. I was just thinking how Lottie kind of looks like a ferengi with her hair all worn away on the top and sides, but that ring of red around the back. And then I had to see the geek quiz that Steph took. She is only 11% geek. I, unfortunately, am a lot more geek than that.

53% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou


Steph said...

Ha, I just got the title of your blog ... making fun of Matt's blog a little? Ha. That is good stuff. btw, I like his blog. I might want to visit there often! He loves the photos and the photoshop!

Brad Molen said...

Steph, you should visit there often. This way when SimplyFun consultants say "oh, well you know Matt..." you can give a real laugh instead of a courtesy one.

Em said...

I am 28% geek. Woot.