July 26, 2008

Public Speaking and the Human Response

I've never really been afraid of public speaking. I've done my share of talks in church (esp. on the mish) and have done plenty of singing in front of large groups, so I'm not scared to get up in front of people.

But this month I've committed to do 2 hours' worth of public speaking in one specific day. What am I doing to myself? It's one thing to sing a few songs with other people on stage, or give a 10 minute talk you've meticulously prepared; but another to commit to teaching 2 different hourlong classes at a tech fair, where you're supposed to be the expert and be interactive during this whole time.

This is going to be interesting; certainly a unique challenge for me. And I had better prepare the heck out of this thing so I don't go looking like more of an idiot than I may currently look like.

I'm teaching a class on the iPhone, and a class on Blackberrys (Not spelled blackberries in this case, since it is a brand name and not an actual berry). I'm comfortable with both types of phones, but I guess my nightmare is that I will have some jerk ask a dumb question that I can't answer, thus throwing me off my whole expert groove.

However, if I pull this off, maybe I will look like a total Tony Robbins and be asked by other attendees to go teach other classes. Maybe I can start getting paid to speak in front of crowds.

Yeah right. But it's neat to think about. It is interesting to look back at the last few months and see how I've really expanded my roots in attempt to find a direction for my life. The whole blogging thing is a recent development that will help me develop teaching and writing skills, and who knows--maybe I'll find a niche I like in public speaking. I love that I'm finding other avenues to pursue and experiment with. So yeah, I'm a little nervous. But I by no means will go into this unprepared.

Anything to get me out of this whole retail energy drain I am currently in.


Em said...

Good luck B-Rad!!

Matt said...

Getting outside your comfort zone, developing new skills. That's what career development is all about.

I am impressed with what you've done with your blogging and work toward using your current expertise to leverage it in other directions.

Brad Molen said...

Hi Em! So good that you joined our blog. If you have a blog, you should tell me so I can go see it.

Matt, I am interested to hear what kinds of ideas you have in that crazy hair-topped head of yours. Which directions would you like the lever to point in?