July 23, 2008


The other day, Brad told me I was beautiful. "What does this have to do with brussel sprouts?" you ask. I will tell you. My response to being called beautiful was to cry and say I felt fat, not beautiful. Wow, having a baby will change a girl!

So, my new fitness goal, since I'm not so much with the working out, is to plan meals for a week, healthy meals, and stick to it. This way I can shop for what we need, and not let things go to waste. This started last night.

On Monday, I found a bunch of healthy recipes I thought sounded good and easy. I printed them all out with the intention of going shopping on the way home from work. That didn't happen. But I did go shopping last night on the way home - but had left my recipes at home. So, I improvised. I thought about what sounded good. And brussel sprouts sounded sooo good!

Well, it turns out that last night was the first time Brad had ever had brussel sprouts. I know, I'm unlike any other person out there... as a kid, I loved them. And I still do. I eagerly watched his face as he took his first bite. His response? "They're not my favorite. But they're not terrible." However, the look on his face was that he leaned a little more towards the terrible side than the good. Maybe if I make them enough, I can convince him of how yummy they are!


Matt said...

The key to excellent B.S. (brussel sprouts) is to smother them in butter and apply Lawton's seasoning. That's good veggies.

Em said...

Just so you know, I LOVED brussel sprouts as a kid too. I don't think you're that weird.

Glad you guys started a blog!

Brad Molen said...

Just to clarify, I only had a weird look on my face when I first tasted it because the texture was really funky. It wasn't as bad as it went along. Still not blissful, "hey let's eat brussel sprouts every day" good, but not terrible.